Summertime Virgin Mojito

Cool, refreshing, mint-lime goodness!

Summertime Virgin Mojito

1 part simple syrup
1-1/2 parts lime juice
6 mint leaves, whole (do not shred)
Soda water
1 sprig mint

To make a simple syrup, add equal parts sugar and water, heat until the sugar dissolves into the water, and allow to cool.

To create the drink, muddle* the lime juice, mint leaves and simple syrup in a chilled highball glass. Fill with ice cubes. Top up with soda water. Garnish with mint leaf.

Want a full octane version?

2/3 part simple syrup
8 whole mint leaves
1-2/3 parts light rum
1 part lime juice
Soda water
1 sprig mint

* How to Muddle

  1. Use a muddler, rounded dowel, or pestle.
  2. Choose a sturdy mixing glass, pint glass, or metal shaker.
  3. Place the leaves into the bottom of the glass. Add sugar (or simple syrup) and juice.
  4. Place the muddler in the glass. Press down on the leaves and give a few gentle twists until the herbs release their scent.
  5. All done!