Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Are you a teetotaler? Maybe just taking a break from booze? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails, punches, spritzers, mulled drinks, and cordials on the ‘net, but this is a list of well-reviewed non-alcoholic brands for some pre-made drinking pleasure.


bubly (apple, cherry, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mango, orange, strawberry)

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Low Calorie, Low Fat, Healthier Substitutions

Here are some ideas to reduce calories and fat in recipes. I’ve also added healthy substitutions for general food categories, as well as restaurant food substitutions.

But remember—if you try to avoid fat by opting for highly processed foods that are labeled as low-fat or fat-free, you will likely find that the sugar content increases. This can cause inflammation, weight … Read more