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Coconut Chicken with Mango

This recipe was the product of freezer scavenging. I do that more often than I really like to admit. Anyway, I found some tiny cubes of frozen organic mango that my sweetie bought at our local co-op, along with a bag of small triangles of pineapple. Burrowing further, I found skinless organic chicken breasts. Hmmmm…I sense a tropical theme emerging…… Read more

Pollo Con Naranja


John and I went to a roadside fruit stand yesterday and picked up some perfect sweetly-ripe oranges, which inspired this dinner. I didn’t measure anything, so the following measurements are approximate, but it turned out deliciously.

Low fat, low sodium.


Pollos Con Naranja
4-5 servings

Brown rice, if desired (1 part brown rice to 2 parts water)
(or cauli-rice
Read more

Chicken, Bacon, and Cheddar Casserole

Yesterday afternoon I opened the refrigerator and saw some of my favorite ingredients: roasted chicken from the night before, an avocado, some strong cheddar cheese, and bacon (always on hand).

I decided I wanted all of those splendid items in a casserole for supper, and putting it together was a snap. The quantities are completely variable, depending on how much … Read more

International Stew Ideas

A friend of mine posted something similar to this on Facebook and I thought it was a simple, brilliant, idea-generator for creating inventive stews. Once you’ve got the basic savory ingredients for a stew (onion + meat/protein + broth), play with the following combinations.

Note: Vegetarian and vegan meat substitutions: cubes of tofu, slices of seitan, tempeh cubes, cooked Read more

Chicken Molé

Mexican sources say that the ingredients of mole can be grouped into five distinct classes (I’ve put my choices in parenthesis): chiles (pasilla, ancho, negro, chipotle), sour (tomatoes/basalmic vinegar), sweet (raisins), spices (cumin, coriander, cinnamon, thyme, cloves, anise), and thickeners (almond and sesame butters). However, to my mind, the magic ingredient is chocolate. Mole can be made as spicy, bitter, … Read more