Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Back in my meat-eating days, shepherd’s pie was one of my staple winter meals. Savory, warming, and filling, it’s just the thing for a blustery night. It’s back on the menu, thanks to my meatless version, which still hits all those savory notes.

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie
Yield: 4 servings

4 russet potatoes
Several tablespoons of chives, minced

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Chicken Pot Pies










These individual pot pies, served in shuffle dishes, are a savory addition to your autumn and winter table. These can be made more quickly by buying a pre-roasted chicken. You could even top the soufflés with an all-butter puff pastry (found in the freezer section of many grocery stores), and skip making … Read more

Chicken, Bacon, and Cheddar Casserole

Yesterday afternoon I opened the refrigerator and saw some of my favorite ingredients: roasted chicken from the night before, an avocado, some strong cheddar cheese, and bacon (always on hand).

I decided I wanted all of those splendid items in a casserole for supper, and putting it together was a snap. The quantities are completely variable, depending on how much … Read more

Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie, says Wikipedia, entered “early cookery books, as a means of using leftover roasted meat of any kind, and the pie dish was lined with mashed potato as well as having a mashed potato crust on top.

“The term “shepherd’s pie” did not appear until 1877, and since then it has been used synonymously with “cottage pie” [in use … Read more

Spinach-Artichoke Tart

Love spinach-artichoke dip? Here is a version, baked in a pie crust, that makes a great supper when paired with a salad. This can be made into appetizers, too, baked in tiny individual tart pans, though the baking time will be less. NOTE: If you’re very low carb, eliminate the pie crust and just bake this recipe as a crustless … Read more

Holiday Cheese and Nut Loaf

This loaf is utterly delicious. Rich, with layers of flavor, depth of texture, arousing aromas….it’s truly a feast-worthy offering. I’ve even had devoted carnivores beg me for the recipe, it’s that good. But, as much as I would love to claim credit for this luscious item, it’s not mine at all, but the creation of Deborah Madison, from her delightful

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