Mango Coconut Ice Cream

I love making ice cream, though it’s a VERY rare treat. The flavors and texture of handmade is worlds away from anything in a carton.

A few years ago, when I was living in the mountains of Northern California, I had several neighbors who were also complete food maniacs. We’d invite one another over for meals, and spend hours discussing Read more

Asparagus Risotto

ta da

I love making risotto. The slow process of adding hot, aromatic, stock to the cooking rice and watching the rice plump up and release its starches into creaminess is beautiful.

Last night, my sweetie brought home a bunch of very expensive winter asparagus. It’s really pumpkin weather, but still, what to do with this wonderful largesse?

Risotto seemed both warming Read more

Thomas Keller’s Simple Roast Chicken

A roasted chicken is one of life’s simple joys…and it’s so easy it can be a weeknight meal.

When I first started cooking for myself, I thought that all roasted chickens had to be stuffed. That made it a rather more complicated affair than it actually needs to be, and it also ended up steaming the meat while leaving the … Read more

Roast Pumpkin with Pecans

This is a wonderful holiday dish, but it’s also delicious any time in the fall and winter. It first began life as a yam dish with maple syrup and raisins. Then a low carb life came along, and this version was born! If you can afford it, a few raises, cut in half, could be added 🙂

Roast Pumpkin with Read more