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No-Salt Seasonings

Nothing like going low sodium to suddenly realize just how much one has been depending on salt and salty condiments for flavor 🙁

That said, it became a fun challenge to figure out how to do it…and the answer is “Bump up the strong flavors.”

Here are my favorite (currently!) no-salt seasonings:

TOMATO-BASED Sun-dried tomatoes, salsa+cilantro, tomato sauce-fennel-bay-saffron, tomato sauce+low-fat … Read more “No-Salt Seasonings”

Low Carb Swaps

When I first started out eating in a low carb style, there were a few things to figure out regarding foods I had frequently eaten that were now off the menu. What to do about desserts? How about pasta, waffles, rice, mashed potatoes…bread? Here are some of the low carb swaps I use.

I use Swerve. It trades at … Read more “Low Carb Swaps”

Sweeteners and Glycemic Index

“Glycemic index refers to a food’s ability to raise blood sugar to a particular level within a given period of time. Glycemic index applies only to carbohydrate foods because they are the foods that most affect blood sugar levels.” []

“Glycemic index should not be used in isolation and other nutritional factors — calories, fat, fiber, vitamins, and Read more “Sweeteners and Glycemic Index”

Replacements For Eggs

Some people have allergies to eggs, and some people—like vegans—avoid eggs because they avoid all animal products. Regardless of the reason, there are quite a few methods for substituting other ingredients in recipes. Here’s an overview of replacements for eggs.

1. Flax seeds work well in pancakes, and whole grain items, like cookies (especially oatmeal cookies), bran muffins and corn … Read more “Replacements For Eggs”