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No-Salt Seasonings

Nothing like going low sodium to suddenly realize just how much one has been depending on salt and salty condiments for flavor ūüôĀ

That said, it became a fun challenge to figure out how to do it…and the answer is “Bump up the strong flavors.”

Here are my favorite (currently!) no-salt seasonings:

TOMATO-BASED Sun-dried tomatoes, salsa+cilantro, tomato sauce-fennel-bay-saffron, tomato sauce+low-fat … Read more

Sweeteners and Glycemic Index

“Glycemic index refers to a food’s ability to raise blood sugar to a particular level within a given period of time. Glycemic index applies only to carbohydrate foods because they are the foods that most affect blood sugar levels.” []

“Glycemic index should not be used in isolation and other nutritional factors ‚ÄĒ calories, fat, fiber, vitamins, and Read more

Core Kitchen Tools

My sweetie and I were talking about core kitchen tools the other evening (yes, we do that sort of thing). Anyway, we were talking about early French cooking and our own early college-days kitchens, whittling down the list to an¬†absolutely necessary, bare bones list. If you could see our kitchen, you’d know how hilarious this concept is…it’s¬†a walking … Read more

Thickening Agents

Here’s a list of various thickeners for adding substance to sauces, gravies, soups, and juicy¬†braises, etc. They all have their particular quirks, but all are good. Plus, some are perfect for those eating a low-carb diet, while others lend¬†themselves to a vegan diet. Your choice!


Reduction is a slow but sure way of thickening sauces and concentrating

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