Thanksgiving Menu 2019 (low carb)

Although this is a high-calorie meal for me, it keeps the net carbs within a modest range (especially since I’ll only have a spoonful of the cabbage). I’ll be drinking Le Croix lemon sparkling water because I have some extra weight I need to lose, but the meal will still be completely delicious without wine. However, if I was drinking, … Read more

A July Birthday Dinner, 2019

Around my house, it’s part of the birthday fun to think about what foods are in season, wander around farmer’s markets, create a menu, search for recipe ideas, and then—finally—to cook it, surrounded by friends. This year’s feast marries the buttery richness of fresh sea scallops with sparks of lemon in both the pan sauce and the couscous.

Mark Bittman’s Read more

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu, 2018 (low carb)

Feasts are difficult when eating low-carb, but this one manages to keep net carbs a pinch over 30 grams. Remember that wine will bump those numbers up, but relax…it’s only one day and celebrations are an important part of life! There are also vegan/vegetarian options for each recipe 🙂

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu, 2018
Per person: 1152 calories // 31 net Read more

Thanksgiving 2013

Here’s a screen shot of Google’s 2013 Doodle animation…so cool that I probably watched it six times!

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 7.47.30 PM

After many years spent creating havoc in the kitchen and spending an inordinate amount of hours at the stove, we made things (somewhat) simpler in 2013. The day before, we prepped the cauliflower pilaf and pumpkin slivers, cooked the bacon, made the vinaigrette, … Read more