No-Salt Seasonings

Nothing like going low sodium to suddenly realize just how much one has been depending on salt and salty condiments for flavor 🙁

That said, it became a fun challenge to figure out how to do it…and the answer is “Bump up the strong flavors.”

Here are my favorite (currently!) no-salt seasonings:

TOMATO-BASED Sun-dried tomatoes, salsa+cilantro, tomato sauce-fennel-bay-saffron, tomato sauce+low-fat pesto-onion powder-cayenne (see below, under “herbal” for pesto)

FRUITY Strawberry-balsamic, citrus #1 (orange juice-lime juice-chile powder-paprika-garlic), citrus #2 (orange juice-chipotle-salsa-cilantro-cumin)

TART Vitamin C powder, balsamic vinegar(+stevia), orange-lemon-lime juice

SMOKY Smoky flavoring, smoked paprika

SAVORY Porcini mushrooms, garlic-onion-mushroom powder, “Thanksgiving” (onion-garlic-sage-thyme-celery)

HERBAL Herbes de Provence (savory-marjoram-rosemary-thyme-oregano-lavender), low-fat pesto (ground basil-garlic-pine nuts+enough water to make into a paste), handfuls of any and all fresh herbs

SPICY Mixed Indian or Moroccan spices, Thai curry paste, coconut curry flavorings (coconut milk-curry paste-cinnamon-ginger-garlic), adobo (chipotle chilies-cocoa powder-cumin-paprika-oregano-garlic-balsamic vinegar-tomatoes-orange juice-stevia)