Summer Soba Salad

After months of rain, we finally have warm weather, and so I made this crunchy, filling, cooling noodle salad this evening and it was a perfect supper for summer! Be warned—I think I’ll be making more versions of this 😉

Summer Soba Salad

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk (or vegetable stock)
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoons peeled fresh ginger, minced
1/4 cup creamy peanut butter
1-1/2 tablespoons Thai red or green curry paste
1 tablespoon Sriracha sauce
1 tablespoon low-sodium soy sauce
1 teaspoon maple syrup
2+ tablespoons fresh lime juice
8-10 ounces dried soba (buckwheat) noodles
1 cup carrots, finely julienned
1 cup greens, shredded (kale, chard, or spinach)
2 cups mixed vegetables, cut into small pieces (I used red peppers, peas, broccoli)
1/2 cup green onions, thinly sliced, for garnish
Finely grated lime zest, chopped cilantro, for garnish
Toasted sesame seeds, for garnish

In a large frying pan, heat the coconut milk or stock and add the garlic and ginger, allowing them to simmer for a few minutes. Add the peanut butter, curry paste, and Sriracha sauce and cook over moderately low heat, stirring, until smooth, about 2 minutes. Stir in the soy sauce and maple syrup and simmer a few more minutes. Remove from the heat. Whisk in the lime juice, and refrigerate until chilled.

Steam or microwave the greens and mixed vegetables until al dente. Refrigerate until chilled.

Meanwhile, in a large pot of boiling water, cook the soba noodles for 5 minutes. Drain and rinse under cold running water until cooled. Shake out the excess water and blot the soba dry. Transfer the noodles to a large bowl and toss with the cool dressing. Add all the chilled vegetables and toss again. Garnish the soba with the lime zest and cilantro. Sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds.

Note: You could also add tiny cubes of chilled tofu, tempe, or edamame beans…