Breakfast Smoothies

I like for one of my meals—usually breakfast—to be a green smoothie. I find them so refreshing. You can, of course, adjust the ingredients to fit your needs.

I use a food processor because its motor is stronger than blenders. Also, I add a bit of water while making the smoothie, if things get too thick.

First, choose 4—6 ounces Read more

Summertime Virgin Mojito

Cool, refreshing, mint-lime goodness!

Summertime Virgin Mojito

1 part simple syrup
1-1/2 parts lime juice
6 mint leaves, whole (do not shred)
Soda water
1 sprig mint

To make a simple syrup, add equal parts coconut sugar and water, heat until the sugar dissolves into the water, and allow to cool.

To create the drink, muddle* the lime juice, mint … Read more

Chia Blueberry Smoothie

I have several health conscious friends who had been trying to get me to add chia seeds to my diet for months. In an effort to stop their nagging (!), I finally broke down and bought some, then promptly forgot all about them. (Hopeless, I know.)

Finally, there was an evening when I was over-tired from a long, complex business … Read more