Nanaimo Bars

This creamy, chocolatey treat’s origin is elusive and claimed by many as their own, but what we do know that Nanaimo Bars originated in Nanaimo, British Columbia. If you’re interested in the facts and fables of this slice of heaven, you can read all the conjecture over at Wikipedia.

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Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce

It’s summer, or nearly so, and the Friday of a long three-day weekend. For us, that means grilling, and since we’re currently eating low-carb, I put on my mad scientist hat to create a teriyaki sauce that tasted sweet without using sugar.

Enter stevia.

After playing around with quantities and plenty of taste tests, here’s the result…and it’s delicious.

grilling teriyaki salmon

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Italian Tempeh and Vegetable Stew

I love stews. Partly, it’s the ease, and partly it’s the “mad scientist in the kitchen” concept. I start with a country (in this case Italy) choose classic ingredients (tomatoes, zucchini, red peppers, onions, basil, olives, capers, garlic), add some protein (tempeh) and let things burble a bit before scooping into bowls. Simplicity itself…and wonderful for work nights.

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John’s Irish Lamb Stew

Last week, it was pouring rain. A grey, cold, wet, spring day called out for something warming that would fill the house with savory scents and drive the blues away. My sweetie, John, is an Irishman of surpassing skills in many things, not the least of which is his culinary magic. This is his brilliant—and easy—interpretation of a County Cork … Read more